About Dye-FF

Revolutions in Dyeing


An engineering and R&D company, Dye-FF develops the technology that enables you to apply supercritical CO2 as sustainable processing solvent. Cooperation with customers can take many forms: custom-production of machinery for extraction and impregnation, commercial research to enable a customer to make new products by impregnation or extraction with CO2, cooperation in R&D and pilot projects, etc.

dr. Martijn van der Kraan

CEO and founder of Dye-FF - Martijn van der Kraan - has extensive knowledge about supercritical CO2 process engineering. As part of one of the leading developers of waterless textile dyeing in supercritical CO2, Martijn had gained unique up-scaling knowledge and skills within this field of expertise.

Dye-FF refers to  "Dye - Fast Forward" ....