Supplier of supercritical CO2 technology


Waterless and lower-cost textile production

Dye-FF develops processes and machines for scouring, dyeing and reduction cleaning for a completely water-free dye house! The technology uses supercritical CO2 as solvent and is suitable for polyester, nylon, spandex, wool and cotton, in the form of fabric or yarn. 

The process has a lower energy cost and is faster than wet processing. No auxiliary chemicals are used, making the process simpler and better reproducible.

Waterless textile production offers sustainability and cost saving at the same time!


Sustainable plastics recycling

Dye-FF designs and supplies technology to remove contaminations such as dyes from plastic materials. The process requires no VOS (volatile organic solvents) and instead uses supercritical CO2 as sustainable solvent.

The process is especially suitable to remove plastic additives such as dyes, pigments, flame retardants and softeners. The technology has a low energy consumption and, as it delivers a pure and colourless recycled plastic suitable for high-value applications, it is an enabling technology for up-cycling.


Gentle drying and sterilization 

Supercritical CO2 is a suitable drying medium as it works at low temperature, saving fragile molecules such as anti-oxidants and colours. Because no ice-crystals are formed during the drying process, the cell structure of the food is retained and its texture is not affected. The result is a high-value dry food that has the taste and bite of a fresh product upon re-hydration by the consumer.

Supercritical CO2 is an excellent sterilizing agent, avoiding the need for high temperature or irradiation. The CO2 effectively kills off bacteria and viruses while at the same time it is mild for food products.

Nutraceuticals & cosmeceuticals

High-value plant extracts

Supercritical CO2 extraction is a very selective process. This means that the plant extracts are much purer and cleaner than those from conventional steam- or solvent extraction. Less purification steps are therefore needed, making the operation simpler, better reproducible and certainly more sustainable. Contact Dye-FF to discuss how you can obtain clean extracts!